Bailey, in Ontario

Approx. Age: 
Bailey is a sweet and loving little boy with tons of energy.  He loves to go on walks; play with his toys; or cuddle with you while you watch TV.

It isn’t often that we are asked to rescue a Havanese at all. Havanese tend to stay with their family forever.
When they are surrendered to us we can usually foster and place them in a new forever home fairly quickly. But not at all grow up with the same opportunities and not all dogs react the same.
At this point in Bailey’s life he has some issues . We are searching for the right couple that would provide Bailey with the perfect home and everyone live happily ever after.
In Bailey’s case the best home environment for him would be as the only pet in a home without children.
He does not understand hierarchy so he must understand who is boss and that can never change in his household.
He is perfectly comfortable and secure sleeping in his crate at night, not on your bed and is most comfortable on the floor at your feet, not in your lap.
Bailey should be fed on a strict schedule because he takes eating very seriously indeed.
At the same time once he knows who is boss, he is a sweet dog who loves to play. He knows his sits, downs and shake a paw and he is eager to please and learn new things and new games. Most of all Bailey wants a home of his own and we want to find it for him. If you think this paragraph described the home that you could provide to this sweet boy, please feel free to ask questions or inquire about Bailey or about future adoption at
Slide show of Bailey: