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Bentley is a very sweet boy who wants to love humans, but is very nervous.  He has gained some comfort since being with me (Tracy Smith) the last two weeks and can relax most times. 
He will still dodge to get away when approached by people, although he is much more trusting of myself as I do the majority of his care. If I sit down on the floor and give him some time, he will eventually come to me most times and allow me to pet him or pick him up.
He has allowed me to brush his tail and beard and has sat beside me for short moments. I have done a small amount of clicker work with him and he will give me a hand touch when I sit with him, but this certainly is not on cue.
He loves to play outside with the other dogs, happily running around the fenced yard. Going through a doorway or into a room can be difficult for him if there is a person in the surrounding area and he sometimes will not go unless he is given a lot of space. New people coming into the home seems to upset him and sets him back a little.
He eats well and is excited for his food. He will take food gently from my hand and has also taken food from other family members. He has never shown any signs of agression towards people that I have seen. He will guard toys and bones and sometimes his crate or ex-pen area with the other dogs, therefore toys and bones are put away.
Bentley requires patience, kindness and understanding. My hope is that with time Bentley will bond and trust some special person that is willing to work with him and give him the time he requires.
Are you that special person?
Tracy Smith (May 31st, 2011)


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I would love to have Bentley

I would love to have Bentley in my home. I have emailed to see about adopting him when he is ready and look forward to a reply

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Angie, he's been adopted. Sorry for you but happy that he is in his forever home. I am just about to update the site. Thank you for your interest.