Louie, Now Bailey's Story

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Bailey  December 27,1999 - May 29, 2011My name is Louie and I used to live in a cage with my friend Cookie.

We went to live with Paula Martel and we got to play with her dogs and socialize.

I now live with my new family in Capreol and I love it. They changed my name to Bailey so that I could start my new life with a new name. I have a big sister named Mya and she is a Pharaoh hound mix who was rescued from a shelter up north. She is very gentle with me and shares all her toys.

Sometimes I like to take her rawhide bone from her to play and she never growls at me. I had to get used to the cats as I did not know what they were, but now it is okay. They run around at night and jump on counters and tables which used to make me bark but now I sleep through it.

I am now housebroken and ask for the door when I need to go outside.

My new Mommy and Daddy, Michael and Lisa Brown, take me for walks and have showed me that the leash is not a bad thing. They have showed me how to play fetch although I do not like to bring the ball back I like to take it and make them chase me. I have bonded with my owners and now I am not afraid of humans.

I bark when people come in the house but then allow them to pet me and shower me with love. The couch is my favourite place to take a nap and sometimes Mya and I take a nap together on her pillow.

The Havanese Rescue was the best thing that could have happened to me because now I have the best life with people and animals who love me.