Update on Nevins 2009

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Nevins was a neglected but healthy Havanese taken in by HFC Rescue and fostered by a club member. At first, he would attempt to bite everyone, if you put your hand out he would curl into a ball and he would do the same whenever he saw the broom(a clue that he might have been hit in the past).

He had apparently been kept in his crate from 8:00 pm until 8:00am and then spent his time outdoors on a deck. His only interaction with humans was when the kids came to visit and they would then terrorize him. First Nevins learned to play with the foster family dogs, who were very good socializing him, and then he came to trust humans a little at a time. It was decided he should go to a home where there were no kids and with someone home all day. A family, originally interested in a puppy, fell in love and took him home with them.

In a very short time Nevins became the social butterfly of the neighbourhood and now loves children, all people and loves playing with dogs. Even the owner's sister who didn't like dogs at all is now Nevin's best Auntie. Nevin's sad story has a happy ending and he has a bright future ahead of him.