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Rescue Benefit Auction Announced for Next Year

We have an upcoming Rescue Auction in March of 2012 and rely on donated items from people and businesses such as yours. All donations will be auctioned off and all proceeds will go to our Rescue Fund where it will be used to help any and all Havanese relinquished to us...

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Rescue Auction Coming

Exciting news! We will be having an online auction from March 18th to 25th  in 2012 to help our rescued Havanese. Donations are welcomed and needed! It doesn't have to be Havanese related to be welcomed as an item to be bid on. It must be new or nearly new and in great condition. Please help in any way you can!

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HFC Rescue has a New Look

Havanese Fanciers of Canada (HRC) Rescue has a new look. 
We did some major upgrading and house cleaning.  What's new?  The code behind the scense is new.  We now have a Poll that people can participate with, more areas people can comment, newer auction, and much more.

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Havanese Fanciers' 2009 Rescue Benefit Auction

Havanese Fanciers' 2009 Rescue Benefit Auction dates will run from Saturday March 7th and be open for 10 days to end on Monday March 16th 8:00 pm Eastern.

Welcome to the 2009 Havanese Rescue Benefit Auction.  This year we have a goal to make this auction a great success like all other years.  We would like to welcome all return bidders as well as all new bidders.  We would also like to thank everyone involved in making each year’s rescue auctions a success.  If it were not for all of you, there would be no Rescue Benefit Auction.    All donations to the auction are from generous people around the world.

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Rescue Benefit Auction 2008

All proceeds of this on-line auction go directly to Havanese Rescue to help Havanese in need. This auction is open to all. Your support and generosity are much appreciated.