Update on Hero's Rescue Story, August 2006

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On July 12th I was adopted by a loving family who lives on the shores of Lake Huron on Manitoulin Island. I live with Sue, Terry, and Lady (a rescued American Eskimo Dog).

Sue fell in love with me when she first saw my picture when I came into rescue. She kept bugging her daughter Tara & calling Paula to see how I was and when she could adopt me.

Each morning Lady & I patiently wait for Jack to call Terry, as we know that for the next hour or so we will be off on our exciting 3km walk on the camp road & bush trails. This morning I heard Jack tell Terry that we should increase the walk to 5km very soon. Oh boy, I’m ready - am I ever. When walking I like to bite my lead and shake the hell out of it. The adults think this is entertaining. Before meeting up with Jack, Terry takes me off the lead; and Lady & I race to meet him. Lady always wins. Terry, Jack & Lady are teaching me to be road smart with vehicles. Sometimes on command I sit on the side of the road beside Lady and watch the cars go by. We get a treat for this. Other times I have to be dragged beside Lady; and I’m the only one not getting a treat. I heard Jack tell Terry that I was a slow learner. On the way back from the walk at the top of the driveway I’m off the lead again; and Lady & I chase each other down the drive to the door. Boy am I pooped after all that; and I wet my whistle before I plop on my brass bed & rest for a while. I wonder what will happen after we do the 5km walks.

I learned how to swim a couple of weeks ago. It was very hot and Sue was in the lake. She carried me out and lowered me into the water. It was scary at first, I thought I was a goner, but then instinct took over and I began to paddle, first with 2 feet & when all 4 kicked in I was doing the dog paddle. It was a piece of cake. I have been swimming about 6 times now. I really like the water but I’m still afraid when the waves hit the shore.

We get a lot of visitors and I have charmed them all. Poppa Nick and Irene sit and watch TV, with me spread across both off them. Nooka, Rusty and Maki are doggy friends who visit me quite often.

Today I met my new vet who gave me my shots and a tag. I now have something on my collar. Boy am I proud, I feel like all the other dogs as I have my own ID now. P.S. I tipped the scales at nine pounds after my nails were cut. Not bad eh! I’m only a few pounds off my fighting weight. By the way, I didn’t tell you my friend, Nooka is a boxer and her looks can be very intimidating to say the least. She promised to teach me a few tricks or two that might give me the edge in a tight situation.

Oh yeah! I like to play run-like-hell and everyone gets a blast when I run in circles all over the place and pretend I’m nuts. When I do this I like to hear the sound my new tag makes. That’s it for now.

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