Molly: Vancouver Area

Approx. Age: 
6 Years Old

MollyFrom the owners daughter. The owner passed away.

I think Molly would fit in very well with a retired person or couple. Molly plays really well with another small dog.

When mom first got Molly, she would howl when mom left her alone. Today she was left alone for 2 hrs and when I came home, I heard her barking....

We really need to find her a good home as she really needs routine (we all do!) and that would make her feel more secure.  Mom only had Molly since November 2011.

Molly is in really good health, as we spent a lot of money on her, spayed, teeth, ears, immunizations, etc.

Molly has been known to lunge at large dogs, but the trainer told us to keep walking and not to react ahead of time as Molly will react to us being nervous. The last few days that I've been walking Molly, I have a treat in my hand and when we pass another dog and she doesn't react, I give her a small treat. So I know she is trainable, Molly just needs someone to spend some time with her. 

I really don't want Molly to travel on an airplane across Canada. I just think she has been through too many changes and to be sedated and woken up in another Province just doesn't feel right. Vancouver Island sounds great and so does BC! Thank you for understanding.

I am so busy dealing with the passing of my mom and I'm trying not to get too attached to Molly. My daughter Kayla loves Molly too, so this is very heart breaking for all of us and we really need to find a really good home for Molly soon.