Seacure To The Rescue






Seacure, a Before and AfterRescue Havanese come into care with a variety of needs. Some are healthy, strong and in good condition while others are sickly, malnourished and suffering from severe neglect. These sorry waifs have extra special needs and challenges in trying to rebuild their strength, bodies and spirits without overburdening their already fragile systems. Proper Nutrition, Inc, the manufacturers of Seacure®, a dietary supplement made from hydrolyzed whitefish, and Omega-3 fatty acids , play an integral part of the rehabilitation of these special needs dogs. The unique Seacure® formula was originally created to help undernourished children in third world countries, with remarkable results. It is achieving similar spectacular success in animals. Visit the Seacure® website for articles and stories about its history and benefits. Thanks to the efforts of Carolyn Angus and the generosity of Dee Eckert , Seacure® is provided at no cost to our rescue Havanese who are most in need.